Mkhitar Gosh Armenian Russian International University

Mkhitar Gosh University

Address: Vanadzor, Armenia

Eligibility: 50% Marks in 10+2  NEET- Qualified Marks

About Mkhitar Gosh University

MBBS is one of the most reputed courses all over the world. Students who pursue MBBS choose their medical and educational institutions wisely. Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is one of such universities that are well-known for the MBBS program.

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University was established in 1996 in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Situated in Eastern Europe, the university has well-qualified professors who take due responsibility for their students. They teach and provide them real-life examples to become better doctors and serve mankind. Doctors qualified from Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University can practice worldwide.

The university has a modern infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, and the best teachers. It has five major faculties, which are mentioned below:

  1. Medical Faculty
  2. Dentistry Faculty
  3. Faculty of Management
  4. Faculty of Foreign Languages
  5. Faculty of Law

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University provides accommodation facilities with good services. It offers large hostels with spacious rooms, healthy food, and separate reading zones. Equipped with strong internet connections, the students can use computers for studying. It is made sure in the premises that no ragging should take place.

Accreditation and Approval of Mkhitar Gosh University

Various government bodies provide accreditation to universities due to which the degrees become valid. The Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University has received its accreditation from Armenia’s National Centre for Professionals’ Education Quality Assurance, ANQA. The Medical Council of India has also collaborated with the university. As a result, Indian students can also apply and study MBBS here.

This private university has been approved by a number of government institutions. These are:

  1. World Health Organization
  2. Medical Council of India
  3. Ministry of Education and Science, Armenia

Eligibility to Study at Mkhitar Gosh University

The Government of Armenia has set some rules for Indian students to study at Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University. These rules revolved around their eligibility to pursue courses in the university. An Indian applicant can study MBBS at Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The applicant must have completed 17 years of age before the time of admission.
  2. The applicant must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as major subjects in 12th
  3. For the reserved and unreserved categories, applicants must have scored at least 50% and 45%, respectively.
  4. For Indian students, qualifying for the NEET examination is mandatory.

Documents Required for Admission in Mkhitar Gosh University

While applying for MBBS in Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University, an applicant must keep the following documents handy:

  1. Hard copy of the application form of the university.
  2. Scanned copies of certificates and grade cards of 10th and 12th
  3. Passport size photograph.
  4. Scanned copy of applicant’s passport.
  5. Medical reports of the applicant.

Note: All the documents must be clearly visible and duly attested.

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MBBS Syllabus at Mkhitar Gosh Armenian Russian International University

The duration of MBBS at Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is six years. These six years are bifurcated into twelve semesters, including one year of internship to attain real-life experience.

The syllabus for MBBS at Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is similar to that of the Indian curriculum. A candidate can have a look below to understand it:

Semester 1

  • Anatomy

Semester 2

  • Anatomy
  • Histology

Semester 3

  • Biochemistry
  • Cell biology
  • Micro biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • General Pathology

Semester 4

  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Physiology

Semester 5

  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
  • Path physiology

Semester 6

  • Genetics and principles of clinical medicine
  • Pathology
  • Path physiology
  • Pharmacology

Semester 7-12

  • Oncology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Neurology & Psychiatry, ENT, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Primary care medicine, Internal medicine, Psychology, Emergency medicine

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian Russian International University Admission Process

All universities follow a protocol to admit students for several courses. Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University’s admission process has the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the online application window and open the application form.

Step 2: Fill in all the details in the form correctly.

Step 3: Attach scanned copies of the necessary documents: certificates of 10th and 12th grades, NEET scorecard, and the passport.

Step 4: Receipt of provisional admission letter: If the university accepts the application, it will provide a soft copy of the provisional admission letter (upon request).

Step 5: As soon as the visa invitation of the candidate will be ready, the university will mail it to the applicant.

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian Russian International University Fee Structure 2022

Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University offers the best courses at affordable courses. 

The fee structure for MBBS here is:

FEES IN RUPEES (INR) Approx. 2,36,000 Rupees/yr. 88,000 Rupees/yr.

Note: The fee structure may vary at times.

Why MBBS at Mkhitar Gosh University

Students consider multiple options while choosing institutions for their higher studies. The following reasons make the Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University best for the students to pursue MBBS here:

  1. Well experienced faculty
  2. Globally recognizable degree
  3. World-class laboratories
  4. Hostel and canteen facilities
  5. Comprehensive curriculum
  6. Affordable fee structure
  7. Good and healthy food
  8. Strong and modern infrastructure
  9. A complete year of internships to add value to a professional’s degree

 Hence, the Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University is one of the best alternatives an Indian student can choose to be a medical professional.

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