Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University

Address: Tole Bi Street, Kazakhstan

Eligibility: 50% Marks in 10+2  NEET- Qualified Marks

About Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University is one of the top medical universities amongst all in Kazakhstan. The university was founded in 1930 in the rural area of Almaty city. Due to its best academic results, Kazakh National Medical University was awarded the title of National University in the year 2001.

It is named after S.D. Algendiyarov, who served as a rector when the university was established in 1931. Since 2001 the university has been classified as a national university. KazNMU has more than 11000 students, Ph.D. students, as well as more than 1500 faculty members, including more than 200 doctors of science, 130 professors, more than 500 candidates of science, and 15 state prize winners.

As compared to any other region of Kazakhstan, Almaty has one of the best climates. In addition to its mountainous terrain, Almaty is surrounded by deep valleys. It results in a humid continental climate in the Almaty region. Student residents can survive in this climate effortlessly.

Accreditation and Approval of Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakhstan National Medical University’s MD degrees have been recognized and accredited by the following bodies:

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education and Science has accredited Kazakh National Medical University. The college is also accredited by MCI and WHO.

The university received high rankings from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

There are only reputable organizations (e.g. Ministries of Higher Education) that are legally authorized to accredit, charter, license, or, more generally, recognize Kazakh National Medical University as an institution (Institutional or Programmatic Accreditation). Affiliations and memberships in organizations that do not involve formal, exhaustive, or legal accreditation or recognition are included in this component.

Eligibility to Study Kazakh National Medical University

The following are the requirements for studying at Kazakh National Medical University:

  • MBBS applicants must be at least 17 years old on or before the 31st December of the year in which they are applying.
  • NEET is a mandatory exam for applicants coming from India.
  • In addition to having graduated, the aspirant must hold a degree in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
  • A candidate should have a minimum of 50% aggregate in all the above-mentioned topics in 10+2, and 45% if he or she is an SC/ST/OBC.

Document Required for Kazakh National Medical University

Here is a list of all the documentation you need to apply for admission:

  • A scanned copy of your passport (notarized and translated into Kazak or Russian)
  • High school transcript (transcript of documents required)
  • Result of NEET for UG
  • If available, provide a certificate of proficiency in English
  • If applicable, a certificate of completion of preparatory courses
  • Affidavit of noncriminality
  • Certificates of medical care (mentally fit, infection-free, certified by the relevant health authority in each country)
  • The invitation letter
  • Slip of payment
  • Passport photos with a white background
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Kazakh National Medical University Admission Process

A representative of the institution and the appropriate authorities processes admissions at the Kazakh National Medical University as follows:

  1. Kazakhstan National Medical University requires you to submit all the required documents along with the online application form.
  2. They must deposit the fees in the university’s bank account once their applications are reviewed by the university.
  3. Students will begin their immigration process as soon as their admission is confirmed. An invitation letter is then sent to the college students by the university after it receives the ministry order.
  4. All of these procedures must be completed before a visa is approved. It will take nearly 30 days.
  5. Student visas can be applied for after the fee is cleared. Once a visa is issued, the applicant’s departure date and time are planned and finalized.

Student-friendly admissions procedures are available, and admissions staff members are extremely cooperative and humble. They assist students with all their questions and problems.

MBBS Syllabus at Kazakh National Medical University

The structure and the pattern of MBBs in Kazakhstan are as follows:

First-year: In the First semester: Anatomy

In Second Semester: Anatomy and Histology

Second-year: In the Third semester: Histology, Anatomy, Bio-Chemistry, and Physiology

In Fourth semester: Bio-Chemistry, Physiology, and Micro-Biology

Third-year: In Fifth semester: Pathology, Micro-Biology, Pharmacology, and Path Physiology

In the Sixth semester: Path physiology, Pathology, and Pharmacology

Fouth-Sixth year: From the seventh to the twelfth semester, Clinical Subjects and Clinical Postings are taught in Kazakhstan such as Oncology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychology, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Gynecology, ENT, Emergency Medicine, and Cardiology.

Kazakh National Medical University Fees Structure 2022

Fees structure of Kazakh National Medical University:

Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Fees in USD 8000$ 6500$ 6500$ 6500$ 6500$
Hostel Fee in Rupees Included 800$ (Approx) 800$ (Approx) 800$ (Approx) 800$ (Approx)

Kazakh national medical University offers a course duration of six years i.e. five years of studying and the last one year for internships. Which accounts for a total expense of about 29 to 30 lakhs for your completion of MBBS from the university.

Kazakh National Medical University: Why Study MBBS?

Each Indian student dreams of studying MBBS at Kazakh National Medical University as a world-class institution that provides quality education and the best facilities.

Due to this, the university has maintained its reputation for quality in education and has become the most popular medical school in the country.

Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, is home to the Kazakh National Medical University. Kazakhstan is such an ancient and beautiful place that you can’t leave without taking a trip there while you are there.

In addition to the university, Almaty offers reasons for visitors to stay. This has attracted many students to study both at the university and in Almaty.  Kazakhstan’s most populous city is incomparably prosperous and developed economically and socially.

Following is a list of the key reasons to study MBBS here:

  • Low Tuition Fees Structure: Kazakhstan, when compared to other Asian countries, has low tuition fees.
  • Admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan is not subject to entrance exams such as IELTS/SAT.
  • Kazakh universities are gaining traction on the global map of medical education, having been recognized by the World Health Organization and the National Medical Council.
  • Students studying with a resident will receive instruction in English during their internship program, thereby providing them with an opportunity to study with the resident.
  • Good infrastructure and all modern facilities exist at the medical universities of Kazakhstan, making them a good option for admission to top universities.
  • Donations are not required: You don’t need to donate to any Kazakh university.

Other Benefits to take admission in KNMU are:

  • Admission to Mbbs programs in Kazakhstan is easy because the regulations have been simplified for all students.
  • Your placement in the most renowned college in India awaits you once you return to your country.
  • Kazakhstan is an affordable country to study medicine, and it is one of the best places to study MBBS. Kazakhstan has the lowest MBBS tuition fees among other colleges.
  • Candidates who pass the entrance exams with good marks can apply for scholarships as well as distinction students.
  • International students who come to the country are safe and will receive all the assistance they need to survive.
  • The minimum cost of studying for five years allows students to fulfill their dreams of a medical degree.
  • Faculty and teaching sessions are excellent at the college, making learning for the students easy.

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